Coupon Policy

• The customer must purchase the specific item(s) to which the coupon applies.
• Coupons must be presented to the cashier at the time of checkout.
• All manufacturer coupons must clearly indicate that they are a manufacturer coupon and have a valid manufacture address on the printed coupon.
• Coupons must have an expiration date and not be expired.
• We accept only coupons that scan accurately at the checkout register.
• We do not accept altered or tampered (i.e. expiration date cut off) or Xerox copied coupons.
• We do not accept coupons from competitors.
• The value of the coupon cannot exceed the price of the item.
• Coupons are subject to advertised offer limitations and all other limitations and restrictions printed on coupon.
• Coupons have no cash value and they cannot be exchanged for cash or gift cards.
• Any applicable sales tax, bottle deposits, etc. must be paid by the consumer.
• We reserve the right to refuse any coupon or to limit the number of coupons being used in a transaction.

Internet/Print-at-Home Coupons:
We gladly accept valid Internet/Print-at-Home coupons (the same coupon rules above apply to all Internet/Print-at-Home coupons) with the following exceptions:
• No FREE item coupons.
• Coupon face value cannot exceed $3.00.
• Coupon value cannot exceed 75% of the sale price of the product.